Digital Shop Talk Radio

Chasing a Better Motorist Experience, Build Trust With Customer Reviews

Episode Summary

Reviews play a major role in online visibility, customer traffic, and overall revenue. With reviews readily available on sites like Facebook or Google, and your star ratings visible in the search results, customers are making decisions about your shop before they ever visit your website - let alone your physical shop. Your business can’t afford to not get reviews, not listen to customers feedback in reviews, and not manage & respond to those reviews. Fred Gestwicki Jr (Fix-it Fred) and Joaquin Cordero (27th St Automotive) join Digital ShopTalk Radio to explain the importance of online reviews and teach you how to take initiative to manage your review profiles, leveraging feedback and improving on the customer experience. In this short but intensive 30-minute episode, you’ll learn: - How impactful online reviews are for a business - Why it’s important to implement a successful review collection & management strategy - Which online strategies help improve your business’ bottom line