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How to Break Down Goals Into Manageable Steps With Russ Crosby

Episode Summary

Setting goals for your shop and staff is critical. Goals provide direction, bring focus, prioritizes time and energy, and ensure that your team can objectively create better results. But just any goal won’t do. Goals are important, but the level of specificity and difficulty matters, and they need to be both clear and challenging to drive higher levels of performance. To set up his shop and team for success, Russ Crosby (Russ’s Wrench) sets realistic goals and uses data and training to improve shop operations and grow their weekly revenue. Join Tom and Russ as they talk about a few changes you can make in your process and mindset that can help you progress towards your shop's goals much faster and efficiently. You will learn how to: - Set measurable and attainable goals - Use data from the Business Control Panel to prioritize focus, time, and energy daily - Learn from setbacks and celebrate victories